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Secrets Of A “New Age” Start-Up

The Internet has revolutionized how we buy stuff. It’s also changed the way businesses buy services. The conventional, expensive, and 20th century “buy inventory > stock store > sell inventory > replenish” approach doesn’t work anymore! Entrepreneurs in the 21st century are taking advantage of a much more innovative model, called “Drop Servicing”…

Introducing eCom Dimes: Your Ultimate Financial Savior

Are you struggling to make money online and reach your financial freedom? This course will equip you with all the necessary starter tools that you need to get yourself positioned to start and grow your own drop servicing business! I’ve collected the puzzle pieces and come up with the whole image for you to understand what the service supply chain looks like in action.

If you can’t get a consistent stream of traffic or new people coming into your business… do you even have a real business? This course will also show you how to get tons of traffic to your web-pages, and fill your sales funnels with your dream customers!

With eComDimes, You Become...

Someone With An Easy To Follow Mission

Someone Following A Step By Step System

eComDimes makes it accessible for you to enter the world of online entrepreneurship. Each lesson is packed with practical advice you can understand and use straight away.

Someone Following A Step By Step System

When you join eComDimes, you’re investing in a system that’s helping others start their own online business. Easy to follow step by step lessons and videos.

When you join eComDimes, you’re investing in a system that’s helping others start their own online business. Easy to follow step by step lessons and videos.

Someone Not Tied Down With Work

Nobody wants to spend 12-14 hours chained to a desk. With eComDimes, you won’t have to as much of what you learn is a one-time activity or can be automated.


Someone Transforming Into An eCommerce Veteran

Nobody wants to spend 12-14 hours chained to a desk. With eComDimes, you won’t have to as much of what you learn is a one-time activity or can be automated.

Avoid common mistakes and join the ranks of winning entrepreneurs inside our private community with help from a professional who’s built multiple eCommerce businesses.

A Step By Step Online Entrepreneurial Masterclass

Understanding The Fundamentals – Before diving into any business opportunity, it would be great to understand how things work flawlessly together! In eComDimes, we start by defining drop servicing, how it exactly works, and what makes it a great business model for beginners and experts alike!

Structuring Your Business – In this foundational course, you will learn how to structure your business and build your brand identity. It starts by outlining what to consider when picking your niche, along with a list of the most rewarding drop servicing niches. You will also learn how to pick a name for your brand and the characteristics of a good online store! 

Creating Your Storefront –  Clickfunnels and Shopify are great “store-front” technologies, but there’s still work to set up your eCommerce store from scratch. You’ll be able to shortcut this process to get your store up and running in a flash. You’ll learn clever hacks to build maximum profit into the store while you’re setting things up.

Finding Trustworthy Freelancers – In this phase, you’ll learn how to start seeking priceless partnerships with professional freelancers to be able to get your business to success by leveraging and selling their skills to your audience. Here you will learn the best tips & activities for picking the right freelancers, and where you can actually find them on the web!

Developing E.A.T – This course contains actionable steps and instructions that you need to follow in order to establish E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) for your business. The secret sauce that I have for you in this course is the step-by-step of exactly how to do it.

Exponentially Grow With Email Marketing – In this course, you will learn exactly how to leverage the power of email marketing to boost your business to the maximum level! Email marketing is here to stay. More than half of the global population now uses email, 3.9 billion users, so getting involved in it is a no-brainer!

Finding Clients & Generating Traffic – After all, the better that you understand the psychology of why, how, and when someone buys from you… the better you’ll be able to sell! In this course, you’re going to learn the important differences between a customer’s journey and a sales funnel, and the various ways of generating targeted traffic and clients!

Having The Success Mindset In Place – The mind is just like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can expand. Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it. This course aims to show you the power of your mind and give you that inspirational effect on your practical life that will take you and your business to the maximum levels!


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e-Com Dimes Frequently Asked Questions

Be In Demand with Our Professional Training

Odeh Ahwal — Founder & Creator Of eComDimes

eComDimes costs a one-time payment of $597, but it’s currently on a sale for $297 for a limited time only! Upon enrolling, you’ll get access to the whole course library and resources!  This isn’t the type of course where I ditch you after purchase.

This course is a great starting point for individuals who are looking forward to starting a profitable online business, and reap the rewards of being their own boss, without breaking the bank!

Yes, absolutely! I’m always reachable and will reach back in a couple of hours because I definitely care for my students! However, you shouldn’t expect eComDimes to be an individual mentorship.  It isn’t.

Heck no!  Your business will succeed only based on your skill and effort in building your business.  While I do my best to provide you with the best direction for your drop servicing side-hustle, no business is guaranteed. Creating a successful business requires skill, hard work, and time.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
eComDimes isn’t a single course. It’s a library of courses that are beginner-friendly, yup! There are resources, freebies and information for people at every level!

Dropservicing is really an international business with potential clients from around the world. We are providing services that solve universal problems for clients worldwide. The location of the client is irrelevant as there is no physical interaction. So, yeah, you can do this from anywhere in the world!

Most programs only cover basic concepts without giving you the exact proven strategies, methods, and tactics that actually work. In those programs you get these theoretical concepts and some methods that don’t really work.

This happens because most gurus teach you programs without personally doing what they preach.

I have done this and am doing this over and over again, so you will be getting the cutting edge knowledge based on where I’am currently at in my real life dropservicing businesses.

I am not holding anything back and you will see absolutely everything. As this is a relatively brand new business model, it’s best to start now, solidify your position, and be a first mover.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Within this course, on top of all the actionable tutorials on the best services-selling strategies around, Odeh generously gives a lot of free stuff and freebies. The one I liked most is the affiliate marketing course! This is golden and you are unlikely to see this kind of intimacy on any other course from someone of Odeh's stature.
Marsel Adawi
From Ukraine
Odeh provides so much value to entrepreneurs! I'm loving the entire course and it's packed with advanced strategies that you can easily implement. He genuinely cares for students and he is always trying his best to help others, which I value deeply! If you want to take your finances to the next level, this course is definitely for you...
Ahmad Taher
From Canada
The course is jam-packed full of "how to take action now" on all the important and most powerful ways to sell services online! I'm loving it each time I step in!
Kelvin Brooks
From Dallas, USA
e-Com Dimes' drop servicing course is a game-changer! If you want to succeed with selling services online, Odeh is spot-on about these strategies in his lessons.
Zasha Swan
From Australia
I appreciate the ECOMDIMES course not only do you learn the fundamentals, but you also get outside the box thinking that what sets this material apart!
Firas Abuhwaij
From Tunisia
I'm fairly new here at the eComdimes community, but the training has put all the other courses to shame. I mostly liked the sales funnels course. Thanks for giving me hope that this may really work!
Milana Grivic
From Serbia
I really enjoyed the advanced strategies and funnel blueprints. Ecomdimes gave me a fresh perspective on what's possible in terms of selling services online using sales funnels! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Khaled Khafaja
From Palestine
I love how intuitive and easy it is! Odeh explains everything in detail and provides real-world examples. Lastly, the funnels and methods he teaches us are priceless! Perfect for beginners and advanced people too!
Yazan Alayan
From Cyprus

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Bonus #2: (Value $99)

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