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ShortPixel – In this digital era, every second count! ShortPixel automatically resizes and compresses any image you upload to make your site FAST!

Why I recommend Short Pixel: I spent many years resizing images in Photoshop and messing with compression settings to get the smallest-size images on my sites, and then I tried ShortPixel to save time. Not only was ShortPixel a huge time saver, but it also made the images about 40% smaller than what I could do in Photoshop with the same visual image quality. I was an immediate fan. I use it on every single site I own.

If I could only have one WordPress plugin, it’d be ShortPixel.  Hands down.

While there are many other plugins for compressing images like Imagify, I found smaller file sizes with still nice-looking images with Short Pixel, plus I saw Google Pagespeed Insights give me a bump for the improved file formatting on Short Pixel.

ManageWP – Not taking back-ups to your site is a risk that you cannot afford to take! ManageWP helps you create cheap backups, updating a network of sites, and many more!

I can’t even imagine my life without ManageWP!

Why I recommend ManageWP:  This one plugin actually does several things for me…  I use it for uptime monitoring (I get a notification as soon as the site goes down), backups (absolutely critical), and sometimes for monitoring our rankings for particular search phrases.

ManageWP isn’t free, but it’s incredibly cheap. For $2/site/month, you get a FULL backup of the ENTIRE site (not just article content like some backups do. Yes, I know my host has redundant backups, but I would never feel safe not having MY OWN daily backup of my site. That $2/month is the best money I spend as a WordPress user!

The other cool thing about ManageWP (And this part is totally free) is you can connect up all your WordPress sites onto one dashboard on ManageWP.  I click ONE button on my ManageWP dashboard and I can update all the plugins/themes across all my sites. You can also connect your Google Analytics and get a cool report of ALL your sites’ traffic in one spot. That’s a quick way to spot issues without checking your analytics on 10 sites every single day.